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The Company Of The Elite

Some who are last will be first and some who are first will be last
Luke 13:22-30

Sermon Topic Elitism

Sermon Week Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 13:30


In our ordinary language we tend to label things in a way that implies sameness. Yet, "We live in a world in which no two things are alike in all respects ... Look anywhere you want for two things that are alike in all respects: two grains of sand, two peas in a pod, two fingernails, two leaves on a tree, two sticks of chewing gum. You will find many things that are similar ... But you will never find two things that are absolutely identical ... If we are to think maturely, we must be aware of similarities and differences, both. We will get into trouble if we act as though all men or all women are similar in all respects. We will also get into trouble if we act as though all men or all women are different in all respects... We cannot, for example, meet one or two or even a dozen Russians and generalize about all Russians."1

The notion that all persons are equal is deeply ingrained in the modern soul. As a political notion, it is basic to a democratic society. In terms of legal and social rights, the idea of equality must be constantly asserted and defended. It can never be taken for granted. The word "equality" to many people means that they have a right to say they are as good as anyone else. Too often, however, they are not so ready to proclaim that anyone else is as good as they are. Our Christian commitment to social justice is an ongoing struggle to make equality more than a fantasy in a civics text book or a political speech.

And yet we know that all people are not equal. We must be equal in political, social, legal and economic rights, but we are not all equal in mental and physical ability, in our capacity to love, in the measure of our courage, in the fulfillment of our potential. People are not morally equal. There are enormous differences and these differences have eternal consequences. That is our Biblical witness and we cannot, nor should [...]

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