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The Cattle On A Thousand Hills

That is the way it works with the man who grows rich for himself instead of growing rich in the sight of God
Luke 12:13-21

Sermon Topic Stewardship

Sermon Week Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 12:21


When trouble comes and we seem powerless to deal with it, we cry out, "O God, I have reached the end of my resources." That sentence is the key to the life God is offering us in and through Jesus Christ. If we want to know who Jesus is we must understand Him as the One who at every moment of His life emptied Himself, and threw Himself in absolute dependence on God's resources. If we want to know the person God wants us to be, we must empty ourselves and acknowledge our absolute dependence on God's resources.

Many years ago, a popular preacher delivered a Sunday sermon entitled "God's Ownership." Later that day he was invited to the home of a wealthy parishioners. The rich man conducted the preacher over his vast estate. Looking over his broad acres and recalling the morning's sermon, the rich man said, "Do you mean to tell me that this land does not belong to me?" To which the preacher replied, "Ask me that question one hundred years from now!"

When we say "Yes!" to the amazing Grace of God as it is revealed to us in Jesus Christ, a lot of wonderful things begin to happen. One of them is that we find ourselves drawn into a new family, a new Community. In the Community of Christ we are nourished at the deepest levels of our existence, and we also are given opportunities to minister to and nourish other people in wonderful ways. In the Community of Christ we are sensitized in a whole new way to the meaning of the Biblical Word, "stewardship." The word "steward" means "a person who is over" -- an overseer -- "one to whom something has been entrusted." And almost every English word ending in "ship" implies relationship. A person cannot be a steward of what he or she owns, but only of that which is another's. In the Biblical sense, then, God is the owner, man is the overseer, the steward. God is the Master, man is the servant. The Biblical writers remind us repeatedly that [...]

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