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Coming Up Dry

Today Salvation has come to this house
Luke 9:1-10 or 19:1-10

Sermon Topic Salvation

Sermon Week Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 19:9


Once, at a senior-class picnic, one of the girls accidentally dropped her graduation ring into the lake. Immediately, several of her male classmates volunteered to go diving for it. She said, "No thank you," to her gallant companions and then asked her English Professor to do it. Extremely flattered to be chosen over all those younger men, the professor dove right into the lake and, after several attempts, retrieved the ring. As he handed it to the girl, his masculine curiosity prompted him to ask her why she had chosen him over her younger companions. She replied, "Well, I have taken many of your courses and I know that you can go down deeper and come up drier than any man I've ever known." That sounds like many of us Christians who, in the pursuit of truth, sometimes go down very deep, but come up very dry.

For instance, we can delve deeply into the matter of "salvation" which Jesus speaks of in today's Gospel Lesson, and come up with answers that are not very exciting to us. We can read all the latest theologies of salvation, we can discuss "salvation" in abstract terms, we can debate over various ideas of salvation and still keep coming up dry. One reason is that we treat it as a concept, we intellectualize it, period. We need to know that it takes more than a head-trip to put real Christian meaning behind the word "salvation." Understanding salvation is a matter of the heart. Understanding salvation is a matter of experiencing it. God has revealed His plan for bringing us to fulfillment, and we finite creatures do not have the capacity to grasp it in its fullness. But, we are given a glimpse, an exciting glimpse that brings God's promise of eternal happiness down to earth. A gracious God has given us a clue to the Mystery of Salvation which brings it right into our lives, not as a concept but as an experience. We can begin now to understand something of the joy of the eternal salvation God promises. Our Source of power [...]

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