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Don't Rain On My Parade

He who humbles himself shall be exalted
Luke 18:9-14

Sermon Topic Humility

Sermon Week Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 18:14


"Life's candy and the sun's a ball of butter/Don't bring around a cloud/to rain on my parade." So sang Barbra Streisand on her hit recording of several years ago: "Don't Rain on My Parade." But I think the old Mills Brothers were closer to the truth several decades ago when they were singing "Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall." Of course we want to live under fair, sunny skies. We don't want to have to face crises and emergencies: sickness, pain, suffering, broken relationships and ultimately death. We want to sing, "Don't Rain on My Parade!" And yet, even while we're singing, the storm clouds gather, the rain begins to fall, and the sickness comes, or the death of someone we love comes, or a relationship falls apart, or financial problems press down on us. We need not go any further to realize that the old song is closer to the truth: "Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall." The real test of life is not how you live under sunny skies, but how you live in the rain.

When Jesus gives us the Sermon on the Mount as the superlative picture of what life is all about, he ends it on this kind of realistic note. He reminds us that the crises will come; the rain will fall. Having presented a clear picture of what it's like to be blessed, to be fulfilled, to be human, He ends on this note of crisis. He speaks a parable about two men who built their houses, one on sandy ground, the other on solid rock. When the rainy season set in, the house built on sand collapsed and was completely ruined. The other house withstood the storms and did not collapse, because it was built on rock. To appreciate this parable, you should know that in the Holy Land where Jesus was preaching, the rain comes in seasons. During the dry seasons, when it never rains, there are many places to select from on which you could build a house. But you had better be careful, because the site you [...]

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