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When The Cookie Crumbles

Some were speaking of how the Temple was adorned with precious stones and votive offerings. He said, 'These things you are contemplating-the day will come when not one stone will be left on another, but it will all be torn down'
Luke 21:5-19

Sermon Topic Security

Sermon Week Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 21:5-7


The disciples must have been shocked when Jesus told them that the Jewish Temple would be destroyed. Begun forty or more years before and still unfinished, it was already in its own way, one of the "wonders-of-the-world." Some of its huge blocks of green marble were nine feet wide and seven and one-half feet high. Portions of the walls were covered with gold plate; the rest was sparkling white. Inside were the ornaments and votive offerings, permanent memorials placed there by the rich and famous: a chain given by Agrippa; a golden vine by Herod the Great; a table by Ptolemy. The Temple was so large and magnificent that for it to cease to exist was unthinkable.

Massive buildings have an aura of the solid and the enduring. We feel secure standing in the shadows of a great Cathedral. It provides us with a solid link with the past and, with spires pointed heavenward, a sure indicator of where our future lies.

Though security has become one of our chief goals in this uncertain world, it often eludes us. Not the least of the causes of our insecurities are the cultural changes taking place in our Society. Traditional attitudes toward work-and-play, education, sexual behavior, the role of women, are being examined, questioned and, in many ways, revised. In a family, the children may opt for certain values that differ from those of their parents. Deep rifts occur and the family begins to feel like a collection of strangers trying to make conversation but not succeeding very well. This same alienation is present in classrooms and in Churches where teachers struggle to calm the troubled waters of confusion that accompany social change.

Recently, the great Norwegian actress, Liv Ullman, gave a newspaper interview in which she was asked about her relationships with her mother and her daughter. She said, "I grew up in a country which is very traditional and very authoritarian in its teachings. I was always told by my mother that 'Nice girls do this and nice girls don't do that.' She even told me that nice girls don't [...]

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