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Be on your way and remember... Do not carry a walking staff or a traveling bag; wear no sandals and greet no one along the way
Luke 10:1-12, 17-20 or 10:1-9

Sermon Topic Urgency

Sermon Week Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 10:3-4


A Middle-aged bookstore customer was expressing her obvious annoyance to one of the store clerks. "Every time I come in here to buy a best-seller, you are 'sold out,' "she scolded. "Why can't you people learn to stock your shelves more efficiently?" "And what is the title of the book you wish to purchase?" asked the clerk. "How to Remain Young and Beautiful," the woman answered. "Very well," replied the clerk, "I will place your order for "How to Remain Young and Beautiful" at once. And I'll mark that order 'urgent'."

The sense of "urgency" is one of the big emotional problems of our time. We waste more time dealing "urgently" with matters that are unimportant than we spend on important matters that need our urgent attention. Many of us live in a constant state of siege, putting pressure on ourselves and others for the wrong reasons. Someone has called this siege mentality the "have to" disease. "I have to do this and I have to do that!" We hear this all day long.

...I can't talk to you now, I "have to" go shopping Go watch television, I "have to" get dinner ready
... Find your mother and tell her about it, I "have to" mow the lawn

"Have to" addicts are spoilers. They cannot live gracefully. They cannot enjoy. And they cannot bring grace and joy into the lives of others. They are so preoccupied with what they "have to" do next that they cannot live in the present moment. At bottom it is a matter of inverted values. Consider this scenario: A youngster comes home from elementary school having just seen a film on ecology. He has just seen and heard how earth, air and water have become polluted. He has just seen and heard reasons why the important matter of cleaning up the environment requires immediate, urgent attention. He knows now that ahead of today's children lies a world of disorder, ugliness and decay if today's adults fail to deal urgently with this important problem. The youngster wants to talk about it. He wants to hear [...]

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