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Out Of The Ashes

You shall not put the Lord your God to the test
Luke 4:1-13

Sermon Topic Temptation

Sermon Week First Sunday of Lent Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 4:12


There is a Lenten story about Satan, the ''master ~ seated on his throne. All the minor devils are gathered at his feet, waiting for instructions. Satan speaks: "Who will go out to work for the destruction of souls on earth?" One of the minor devils immediately answers, "I will, master, I will!" "How will you tempt them to do evil? What will you tell them?" asks Satan. The minor devil answers, "I'll tell them that there is no God." Satan is not pleased. "That will not do! People on earth know there is a God," he says sadly.

Again Satan asks the question: "Who will go out to work for the destruction of souls on earth?" "I will!" A second minor devil answers. "And what will you tell them?" asks Satan. "I'll tell them that they are too evil to come to Him," the devil replies. "That won't do either," Satan says impatiently. "Their very need will drive them to Him. Moreover, they will be able to read in their Bibles that God is inviting sinners to come to Him."

Once more Satan challenges his subjects: "Who will go out and seek the destruction of souls on earth?" A third minor devil replies, "I will!" And a third time, Satan asks, "What will you tell them?" The evil spirit slowly and thoughtfully replies, "I'll tell them that there is a God. I'll tell them to listen to the Gospel as often as they like. I'll tell them that it is all true. But, I'll tell them also that there is plenty of time to think about accepting God's invitation." Satan is pleased by this answer. The minor devils applaud. Then Satan gives the order: "Go forth, and you will be successful." And the devil went forth, and daily is deceiving millions.

Lent, as today's Gospel Lesson suggests, is a time to think about temptation. It is a time for the Community of Christ to test its fidelity to God. In Biblical language, the word "temptation" signifies something much more profound than ordinary allurement to sinful acts of the flesh. [...]

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