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The Heart Of The Matter

No prophet gains acceptance in his native place
Luke 4:21-30

Sermon Topic Francis of Assisi

Sermon Week Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 4:24


On almost any day, the little village of Assisi, in central Italy, is overflowing with people. The parking lots are crowded with buses and cars and vans, and there is a perfect babble of tongues because the people have come from everywhere. The visitor is immediately struck by the fact of the tremendous popularity of Francis of Assisi, who was born there many centuries ago.

Francis of Assisi is a saint for all seasons; a saint for all people. His popularity is partly due to the fact that he understood so well the heart of the teaching of Jesus. He understood it and he demonstrated it in his own life. Consequently, coming to know Francis of Assisi is a way for us to get in touch with the real essence, the real heart of the Christian experience. It is good for us to have a model like Francis: someone who understood.

Francis was born into a wealthy home. His father, a cloth merchant, was so proud of his son that he spent money lavishly on Francis. He wanted to impress the neighbors with the luxurious life he provided for his son. (Later in life, Francis said that as a young man he had spent money "with both hands"). Francis' future was secure. His father wanted him to take over the family business so that he could become wealthy in his own right. Here then was Francis, a young man with all the things many of us wish we had and are working so hard to acquire-but he gave it all up. God had other plans for this young man. Not just one, but several events occurred in Francis' self-centered young life to bring about his conversion to a God-centered life.

It all began with a serious illness during which Francis had a lot of time to reflect on his life. He felt something stirring deep within himself. He became restless. He began to search for a new meaning for his life. When he had recuperated from his illness, he went on a pilgrimage to Rome. There he visited the religious [...]

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