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You Are Precious

This is God's chosen One
John 1:29-34

Sermon Topic Self-image

Sermon Week Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary John 1:34


The social scientists tell us that one of the causes of mental depression is a poor self-image. This was true, apparently, in the case of a woman who became so depressed her husband arranged for her to see a psychiatrist. After listening to the patient for a while, the psychiatrist asked her husband to come in from the waiting room. "Your wife is suffering from a poor self-image," the doctor said. Whereupon, he approached the woman and tenderly kissed her. "You see," he said, "her face is glowing. This is the kind of treatment she needs." "Okay, doctor," the husband replied. "I can bring her in on Tuesdays and Thursdays."

God created man in His image;
in the Divine image He created him;
male and female He created them (Gn. 1:26, 27).

This is no idle boast of man. This is the Word of God. It is the one Word of God, perhaps above all others, that we find hardest to accept. According to an ancient Hindu legend, there was a time when all human beings were gods. However, they treated their divinity with such disrespect that Brahma, the chief god, decided that their divinity should be taken from them and hidden in a place where they would never again find it. The question was, "Where to hide it?" Brahma consulted with all the lesser gods on the problem. The lesser gods said, "Let us bury man's divinity deep in the earth." But Brahma said, "That will not do. Man will dig into the earth and find it." Then the lesser gods said, "Let us sink man's divinity in the deepest sea." But Brahma replied, "That will not do. Man will learn to penetrate the deepest waters and will find it on the ocean bed." Then the lesser gods said, "Let us hide man's divinity on the highest mountain peak." But Brahma again disagreed. "Man will surely climb to the top of all the earth's mountains and some day will find it." The lesser gods were discouraged. "It seems there is no place on land or sea that man will [...]

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