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From Duty To Delight

... a great chasm has been fixed
Luke 16:19-31

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Sermon Week Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary Luke 16:19-31


The richest and meanest old man in town was dying. Although he had never contributed to the Church from his considerable wealth, nevertheless he called for the local parish priest. When the priest arrived, the dying man said that he would give one hundred thousand dollars to the Church if the priest would guarantee his entrance into the Heavenly Kingdom. "No, I cannot do that," said the priest. "Neither I nor any other human being can guarantee you heaven in return for a one hundred thousand dollar gift to the Church." Then, with a slight twinkle in his eye, the priest added, "But it's worth a try!"

Then there is the story of the Texas oilman who arrived full of hope at the Gate of Heaven only to hear St. Peter tell him that the quota for Texas oilmen had been filled. "The only way you can get in," said St. Peter, "is if some of the other oilmen who are already here decide to leave." Whereupon, the new arrival started a rumor that oil had been struck in Hell. The word got around and the oilmen in Heaven began to rush straight to Hell to stake their claims. St. Peter watched with amusement, but he was astonished to see that the man who started the rumor was on his way to Hell also. Peter called after the man, "Why are you leaving?" The man replied, "Well, you never know, there may be something to that rumor, after all."

Unlike those two stories about Heaven and Hell, there is nothing funny about Jesus' story of "afterlife" in today's Lesson:

Once there was a rich man who lived in great luxury. He dressed in the finest designer clothes. He feasted sumptuously every day and used the leftovers from his table to feed the street people who were at his door. One of the street people was a poor man named Lazarus. He came everyday to the rich man's door, depending on those leftovers for his very survival. Moreover his body was covered with sores. And the dogs came and licked the [...]

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