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The Holy Tree

Master, let my receive my sight
Mark 10:46-52 or (Matthew 28:16-20)

Sermon Topic Miracles

Sermon Week Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 10:51


A Sioux Indian named Noah Jumping Eagle died in the mid-sixties on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in Dakota prairie country. Noah Jumping Eagle was a mystic. He had searched for God like a hunter, through the rocky canyons, along the dusty trails and over the snow-capped mountains. The year before Noah Jumping Eagle died, he was visited by a man who was doing research on the legends of the Sioux Indians. He said that Noah Jumping Eagle was a profoundly religious man -- "pillar of his tiny parish," and a man who "hungered after God -- not just the idea of God, but the living flesh." Then he described his walk with Noah to the "holy tree":

"It is not far now," Noah said, grinning his gold-toothed grin. After another five minutes, Noah turned to me. "The holy tree," he said softly in Lakota, the language of the Sioux. I saw it! Noah's holy tree! A huge cottonwood rising like a fountain. This was the tree, according to Noah Jumping Eagle, in which a vision of the Lord had appeared to him -- not once, but every Friday through the summer. Noah pointed to a V-shape, formed by two branches on the tree. "There," he said pointing. "There is where He stands."

Suddenly he slumped to his knees, bent his head, and stuck his breast three times, "My Lord and my God!" The words broke from him like a sob and I found myself kneeling beside him in the dust. As I knelt, I raised my eyes to the tree, searching the area of the V formed by the branches. I saw nothing. In the back of my mind I kept hearing the echo of what someone had predicted before I started out: "Only those who have already found God can see Him in the way that Noah sees Him!"

Later that night, in the flickering light of a kerosene lamp, Noah and I drank coffee. He was still visibly shaken from the effects of his visit to the holy tree ... "I didn't see anything," I said ... He [...]

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