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Somebody's Not Doing His Job

...anyone who wants to be first among you must be your servant
Mark 10:35-45 or 10:42-45

Sermon Topic Servanthood

Sermon Week Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 10:43


Columnist Erma Bombeck asked women for suggestions on how to terminate wars. Among the ideas that she received...

Put the Post Office in charge of the war. It might not stop it, but it certainly would slow it down.

Assign children to war zones and tell them they have to clear their rooms before they can go.

One woman suggested having "Hawkeye" (Alan Alda) present a TV marathon consisting of reruns of scenes in the operating tent from the M*A*S*H anti-war satire.

Alan alda, of course, is the popular actor best-known for his starring role in M*A*S*H. The series portrayed a strange situation. The action is situated right in the middle of a tremendous effort to kill, injure and destroy human life. Tens of thousands of young men and women are there to kill...and, if necessary, to be killed. Some of them are there because, somehow, they like being in the middle of a war. Others are there because they have to be there. Still others are there because they sincerely believe it is the best way to serve their country.

Amid this massive effort to kill, there is a small group of doctors and others whose main job is to save lives. As one of the M*A*S*H directors explained, this group is trying to patch people up in the midst of an overall situation where the purpose is destruction. Here they work against nearly overwhelming difficulties to save: TO SERVE. No wonder "Hawkeye" (played by Alan Alda) and the other characters in the group do crazy things. It's as though they are making a statement that in a crazy situation, where values are upside-down, only a crazy person can act normal.

In many ways, the real world we live in is a crazy world. For example, in this crazy, upside-down real world of incredible productivity, an estimated 700 million persons -- women, children and men -- are undernourished. In this crazy, upside-down real world of ours, people are treated like machines, and machines like people. Perhaps some of you remember Time Magazine's "Man of the [...]

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