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Where Are You Coming From?

We know that You are the Holy One of God
John 6:60-69

Sermon Topic Christ Spirit

Sermon Week Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary John 6:69


What is the difference between "romance" and "authentic love"? According to the popular inspirational writer, Marjorie Holmes, the difference amounts to "turning 'sweet nothings' into 'sweet somethings.'" For example:

ROMANCE is seeking perfection.
LOVE is forgiving imperfection.

ROMANCE is flying;
LOVE is a safe landing.

ROMANCE is waiting for the phone to ring to bring you a voice that will utter endearments.
LOVE is waiting for the phone to ring to bring you a voice that will assure you someone else is happy and safe.

ROMANCE is eager, striving always to appear attractive for each other.
LOVE is two people who find beauty in each other no matter how they look.

ROMANCE is gazing deep into desired eyes across a candlelit table.
LOVE is saying, "You're tired my dear, I'll get up this time," and stumbling through the darkness to warm a bottle or comfort a frightened child.

ROMANCE is flattering attentions;
LOVE is genuine thoughtfulness.

ROMANCE is tingling excitement.
LOVE is tenderness...consistency...loyalty...being cherished.

ROMANCE can't last.
LOVE can't help but last!

At the height of a certain boy/girl romance, the girl said to the boy, "I'm sorry George, but I've decided that I don't want to become engaged. I can't marry you." To which George replied, "You want to leave me now? Is there someone else?" The girl sighed and said, soulfully, "Oh George, there must be."

In today's Gospel Lesson, the Apostle John tells us that many of those in the crowds who had been tingling with excitement when they first met Jesus, now were complaining about the things he was saying and were leaving Him. The romance was over. We can almost hear them saying "There must be someone else." At this point, Jesus says to the twelve Apostles, "What about you. Do you want to leave me too?" And Simon Peter answers, "Lord, who shall we go to? You have the message of eternal life...we know that you are the Holy One of God" (Jn. 6:67-69).

Such faith is possible only to those who embrace Jesus as the real-life, in-person expression of the God of Love [...]

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