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Stand On Your Head

So they set off to preach repentance
Mark 6:7-13

Sermon Topic Amazing Grace

Sermon Week Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 6:12


There is a wonderful parable in which a certain man dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates where he is met by Saint Peter. "As 'Keeper of the Gates,' it is my duty to inform you that you must score one thousand points before you can pass through these Gates of Paradise," Peter says to him. "Tell me something about yourself." To which the man replies, "Well, until I was twenty-one-years-old, I never missed Sunday School. And I always willingly helped my parents with the household chores." "Very good," says Saint Peter, "that's worth one point. Now tell me more about yourself"...

"As an adult, I never missed Church on Sunday, unless I was sick in bed."

"Very good! That's worth another point. Now you have two points."

"On the job I always did an honest day's work and I never told lies or cheated anyone."

"Very good! Now you have three points."

"I always tried to live according to the Golden Rule. And I gave ten percent of my earnings to the Church."

"Very good! Now you have four points. Now tell me more about yourself."

The man is now becoming quite irritated. He says:

"Listen, Saint Peter, you're making this impossible for me. I'll never score enough points. The only way I'll get into Heaven is by the Grace of God."

"That's it! You've got it! Grace! That's one thousand points, giving you a grand total of one thousand four. Come on in!"

Did you ever stop to think that only by the Grace of God did you come into this world? And that only by the Grace of God can you enter into the good life for which you were created. That is the whole point of our New Testament Gospel of Salvation. When you open yourself up to God's intimate Presence in your life -- in your very being -- the Source of power and vitality to give life real meaning and purpose wells up inside you and moves you into a whole new style of life. You feel unburdened. You feel liberated from the things [...]

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