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Fly-specks Or Miracles

And immediately he received his sight and followed Him on the way
Mark 10:46-52 or (Matthew 28:16-20)

Sermon Topic Divine Presence

Sermon Week Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 10:52


An American travelling in the Middle East decided to visit the Sea of Galilee where, the Bible tells us, Jesus walked on water. He approached a boatman and asked if he knew the place where Jesus performed this great miracle. The boatman told him that he could take him out to the exact spot. Moreover, he said "I'll take you there free of charge." Whereupon they got into the boat and the obliging boatman rowed a considerable distance from shore, then stopped. "This is it," he said. "We are in the exact position Jesus was when He walked on top of the waves." After drinking in the sight and meditating for awhile, the American said he was ready to return to shore. "That will cost you fifty dollars," the boatman said. "But you told me there would be no charge," the traveler protested. To which the boatman replied, "I told you I would take you out here free. You didn't ask me about the return trip." Then, as the traveler dug down for his wallet, he murmured, "No wonder Jesus walked!"

Jesus not only walked on water, he performed many other wondrous signs, many other miracles. And we may rightly wonder what is in these signs that has anything to do with our life. What lesson in living can we learn from the Gospel accounts of Jesus' miracles?

Whatever else they may do for us, we are missing the point of Jesus' miracles if we fail to see them as signs of the Divine Presence. Jesus was supremely conscious of the inner-Presence of God Almighty, God all-powerful, the Creator of all that is, the Author and Sustainer of all life. This being so, the Divinity was supremely reflected in His life, in His ministry, in His miracles.

In the Gospel story of the Transfiguration, the Gospel writers are telling us that Jesus was literally aglow with the Divine Presence within Him. "His face shone like the sun and His garments became white as light," Matthew tells us (Mt. 17:2). Matthew then goes on to say that immediately following this dramatic [...]

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