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A Glorious Vision

For the Bread of God is that which comes down from Heaven, and gives life to the world
John 6:24-35

Sermon Topic Community of Christ

Sermon Week Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary John 6:33


In the teachings of Buddha, there is a list of what is called "the four sorrows." The first is "sickness." The second is "death." The third is "old age." And the fourth is "to be born into the world."

Mark Twain wrote:

A myriad of men are born; they labor and struggle and sweat for bread; they squabble and scold and fight; they scramble for little mean advantages over each other. Age creeps upon them and infirmities follow; shame and humiliation bring down their pride and vanities. Those they love are taken away from them, and the joy of life is turned to aching grief. The burden of pain, care, misery, grows heavier year by year. At length ambition is dead; longing for relief is in its place. It comes at last -- the only unpoisoned gift earth has found for them -- and they vanish from a world where they were of no consequence, where they achieved nothing, where they were a mistake and a failure and a foolishness; where they left no sign that they had ever existed -- a world that will lament them a day and forget them forever ... life is all a dream, a grotesque and foolish dream.

Sad to say, many people have come and gone feeling this way. Many more are feeling this way at this very moment. And along comes Jesus today giving us a different view. "The Bread of Life is that which comes down from heaven, and gives life to the world." Jesus is saying "No!" to Buddha's "fourth sorrow": the wish never to have been born into the world. Jesus is saying "No!" to those who interpret life as "a grotesque and foolish dream." Jesus is saying that God is acting now to transform that bad dream into a glorious vision. Jesus is telling us that He came to relieve us of the despairing notion that we have been brought into a world where we are of no consequence. Jesus is telling us that He came to affirm our worthwhileness. Jesus is telling us that He came that [...]

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