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Be Bigger Than You Are

Receive the Holy Spirit
John 20:19-31 or I John 5:1-6

Sermon Topic Holy Spirit

Sermon Week Second Sunday of Easter Cycle B

Scripture Summary John 20:22


Early in this century, a man named Mallory led an expedition of climbers attempting to conquer Mount Everest. The expedition failed. Mallory tried again with a second group. Again the expedition ended in failure. Mallory then assembled a third expedition made up of the most experienced and able climbers he could find. But in spite of careful planning, the third expedition ended in disaster when an avalanche struck, killing Mallory and most of the party. Later, when the few survivors returned home to England, they were invited to attend a banquet given as a tribute to both the deceased and surviving members of Mallory's party. When the leader of the survivors was introduced, he rose from his chair and looked around the room at the pictures of Mallory and his other dead comrades which had been hung on the walls. Then he turned his back to the audience to face a huge picture of Mount Everest hanging behind the banquet table. Tears ran down his cheeks as he addressed the mountain in behalf of Mallory and the others. He said, "I speak to you, Mount Everest, in the name of all brave men living and yet unborn. You defeated us once; you defeated us twice; you defeated us three times. But Mount Everest, we shall someday defeat you, because you can't get any bigger and we can!"

There is a deep hunger within us all for a mountaintop experience. We want to discover real meaning and purpose for our lives. We want to know that our earthly pilgrimage is taking us somewhere. When the journey becomes difficult we want to know that its all worthwhile. We want to transcend those feelings of helplessness and powerlessness that signal defeat in our quest for fulfillment. Emotionally and psychologically and spiritually, we want to get bigger than we are. We want the definitive answer to the question of our true identity as human persons. But whatever it is we want, what we desperately need is to get hold of a basic truth which is the heart of the matter. It is so easy [...]

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