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Singers Of Life

... Immediately He saw the heavens opened and the Spirit descending upon Him like a dove
Mark 1:7-11

Sermon Topic Christ Spirit

Sermon Week The Baptism of the Lord Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 1:10


Loren Eisley was a naturalist and an anthropologist. One day, while making some observations in a small glade, he leaned against a stump and fell asleep. He said he was awakened, "dimly aware of some commotion and outcry in the clearing ...

On an extended pine branch sat an enormous raven with a red, squirming nestling in its beak. The sound that awoke me was the outraged cries of the young bird's parents, who flew helplessly in circles about the clearing. The sleek black monster was indifferent to them. He gulped, whetted his beak on the dead branch a moment and sat still. Suddenly, out of all that area of woodland, a soft sound of complaint began to rise. Into the glade fluttered small birds of half a dozen varieties drawn by the anguished outcries of the nestling's parents. No one dared to attack the raven. But they cried there in some instinctive common misery. They fluttered as though to point their wings at the murderer. He was a bird of death. And he, the murderer, sat there, glistening in the common light -- formidable, unmoving, unperturbed, untouchable. The sighing died. It was then I saw the judgment. It was the judgment of life against death. I will never see it again so forcefully presented. For in the midst of protest, they forgot the violence. There, in that clearing, the crystal note of a song sparrow lifted hesitantly in the hush. And finally, after painful fluttering, another took the song, and then another, the song passing from one bird to another, doubtfully at first, as though some evil thing were being slowly forgotten. Till suddenly they took heart and sang from many throats joyously together as birds are known to sing. They sang because life is sweet and sunlight beautiful. They sang under the brooding shadow of the raven. In simple truth they had forgotten the raven, for they were the singers of life, and not of death."

This story of Loren Eisley goes to the very heart of our Christian faith. The true believer is a singer of life, [...]

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