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Prepare Him Room

Do not let him come suddenly and catch you asleep
Mark 13:33-37

Sermon Topic Repentance

Sermon Week First Sunday of Advent Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 13:36


At a preachers' conference, a discussion arose about people who fall asleep during the Sunday Sermon. One of the participants, well-known for his preaching ability, told of a woman who came to him and said, "I want to thank you for helping me. You see, I was having trouble with insomnia, and so I bought a lot of your sermon tapes. Now, when I go to bed, I put on one of your tapes and I go right to sleep." The next day the woman called the preacher and said, "I hope you didn't take what I said the wrong way. I want to explain to you that it isn't your sermons that put me to sleep, it's your voice that puts me to sleep." The same pastor described an incident that took place on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land which he had led. He said:

On the very first day of the trip I found myself dealing with a number of crises. First of all, the bus that transported our group to the airport broke down and we were in danger of missing our flight. When we finally arrived at the airport, we discovered the plane had been delayed for mechanical reasons and we would have a three-hour wait. When we landed, we had to deal with a mix-up with reservations at the hotel, as a result of which the group had little time to rest before the tour began. Then, about midway through the day's activities, to my horror I saw one of the women in our group laying flat on her back on the sidewalk. The street was teeming with people. To reach the woman, I had to make my way through the crowd that had gathered around her. I knelt beside her, took her hand, and quietly whispered, "Can you tell me what is wrong?" She opened her eyes and said, "I'm tired!"

Some of us may be bone tired here today. Some of us may be ready to go to sleep. But here is Jesus saying to us in today's Lesson, "Stay awake! What [...]

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