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Never Satisfied

What must we do to perform the works of God? ... What is the work you do?
John 6:24-35

Sermon Topic Satisfaction

Sermon Week Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary John 6:28,30


Once there was a lonely man who wanted a pet -- one that would not require a great deal of care. He merely wanted something to come home to in the evening, something to keep him company. He went to a pet store and explained His need to the proprietor. The pet store owner said that he had just the thing the man was looking for: a canary "guaranteed to sing." The man agreed that it seemed like the perfect choice, bought the canary and took it home. The next day the lonely man hurried home from work and, as he entered his house, was overwhelmed by the sound of beautiful music coming from the canary. He was very pleased and proceeded to feed the bird as he listened to its wonderful sound. But when he opened the cage he discovered that the canary had only one leg. One leg! This irritated Him. He felt cheated! And so he packed up the cage and returned to the pet store. "You sold me a canary with only one leg," he complained to the proprietor. To which the store owner replied, "Well what did you want, a singer or a dancer?"

We're never satisfied, some of us. It's one of the signs of the times. We're given a singer, but we're not satisfied. We want a dancer. We're given a child with his or her own unique personality, but we're not satisfied -- and we proceed to try to conform him or her to our own. We're given a good body, but we're not satisfied -- and we proceed to destroy it with overindulgence. We're given a beautiful world, but we're not satisfied -- and we proceed to exploit it and make it ugly. We're given gifts that are uniquely ours, but we're not satisfied -- and we feel cheated and long for the gifts that others possess. The "never satisfied" person is often a destructive influence, a source of needless anxiety, tension and unhappiness, not only in his or her own life but also in the life of others. Paradoxically, in [...]

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