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No Rest For The Good

He said to them, 'Come by yourselves to an out-of-the-way place and rest a little'
Mark 6:30-34

Sermon Topic Leisure

Sermon Week Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 6:31


We have heard it said, "There is no rest for the wicked." But, with the hustle-bustle and the "getting ahead" and the spirit of fierce competition that have come to distinguish life in the modern world, there appears to be little rest for the good or the wicked. In the hoop-la of staying on the ball and keeping sharp, it often seems that the only things we've truly kept sharpened are the raw edges of our nerves. Statistically, modern industrial society has emerged far and away the champion breeding ground for hypertension. Our nervous systems are paying a heavy price for the go-go-go of a fiercely competitive society, despite modern technology's clear ability to expand our leisure time. "Leisure," as we all know, has become big business. The quest for new and better means of rest and relaxation is one of man's major preoccupations.

We are offered water-beds to lay on, sauna lamps to bask under, six-position reclining chairs to sit on, cushioned carpets to walk over, piped-in soft music to listen to, "wind down" martinis to drink and a wide range of "downer pills" to eat. One famous entertainer relaxes on the golf course with the help of his $18,000 air-conditioned motorized caddy. Large numbers of people are turning to Yoga meditation and exercise for the same reason. One authority on "how to relax" proposes a four-pronged remedy: a diet rich in calcium and natural herbs; much hydrotherapy (which is to say, "sitting in the bathtub"); much heliotherapy (which is to say, "sunbathing"); lastly, much self-induced yawning. Another recommends a "bio-feedback machine." Through electrodes attached to the head, this machine pumps tranquilizing "alpha waves" into the brain. As soon as the subject's brain waves correspond to those soothing alpha rhythms, he becomes relaxed. Some large corporations now provide their own "out-of-the-way" retreat-like facilities to be used as rest havens for key employees seeking relief from wearisome, workaday tensions. In today's Gospel Lesson, we learn that this is not unlike what Jesus seems to have in mind for His hard-working, but weary, Apostles.

"Come by yourselves," He invites them, -"to [...]

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