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The Good Life

.....go therefore, and make disciples of all nations ... in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
Matthew 28:16-20

Sermon Topic Holy Spirit

Sermon Week The Holy Trinity Cycle B

Scripture Summary Matthew 28:19


The Gift of the Holy Spirit is intended by God to bear much fruit in us. Paul describes the fruit of the Holy Spirit in the Fifth Chapter of Galatians. He spells out the characteristics or attributes of the Christlife in two categories. One has to do with our own wholeness and integrity as persons: peace and joy and self-control and patience, etc. The other category has to do with our relationships with other people: gentleness, kindness, loving concern, etc. Paul is saying that when we are filled with God-the indwelling of the Holy Spirit-we know in a new way what a really good life is. This is important to us, because from television and the other advertising media, and from the whole milieu in which we live, we are receiving an endless assortment of models to choose from: This is the good life ... This is the good life.. . This is the good life! There is much confusion and even ignorance in today's Society about what a good life really is.

Perhaps you may remember the scene from Thornton Wilder's play, "Our Town," in which Emily, who has died, is permitted to come back to earth on her twelfth birthday. She had been looking forward excitedly to being back home with her family again, even if only for a day, but what she sees when it finally happens sorely disappoints her. It is one of the most talked-about scenes in modern drama. Less talked-about, but equally powerful, is the scene that follows. Emily is returned to heaven where she expresses her great disappointment in her experience back on earth. And she hears a voice responding to her disappointment in these words...

Yes, now you know! Now you know! That's what it was like to be alive down there upon earth. To move about in a cloud of ignorance. To go up and down trampling on the feelings of those around you. To spend and waste time as though you had a million years. To be always at the mercy of one self-centered passion or another. Now you know! [...]

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