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The Third Birth

This is the time of fulfillment. The reign of God is at hand! Reform your lives and believe in the Gospel
Mark 1:12-15

Sermon Topic Change

Sermon Week First Sunday of Lent Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 1:15


Some label our Western Society "authoritarian," others call it "permissive." But however we see it, we know that change is the commonplace sign of the times. Institutions which once seemed to serve us adequately, if not nobly, are being revised and even dismantled before our eyes. People in their forties and fifties and sixties, most of whom were reared in relatively stable surroundings and nursed by standards which seemed imperishable, have managed to survive one way or another through most of the crumbling. Some are weathering the storm reasonably well. Some are adapting half-heartedly, hoping against hope that all things work in cycles and that stability will return. Some are "swinging" to recapture a lost youth in order "to keep up with the times." And some are stubbornly refusing to make any concessions to change.

Certainly one of the problems in dealing with change is to distinguish that which is salutary and beneficial from mere fad and fashion. Commercial advertising, for example, deals with changes that are rarely deep-seated. We are told that to change to this shirt, this perfume, this whiskey, this cigar, this soap, this car, this address, will mean a new image for ourselves, a new life-style. And, in case you haven't already heard, the hucksters are now telling us how we can enrich our lives by using the new and sensational "imitation mushroom" flavor. But having made all these recommended changes (and maybe having enjoyed a brief spell during which we held our heads a little higher), we find ourselves lapsing back into our old selves, ready once more to pick up on still another new self-image, some even more satisfying life-style. We discover that despite all the "hoopla," basically we really haven't changed at all.

Shortly after President Truman's death, a panel of veteran journalists appeared on TV to reminisce on his life and times. One reporter recalled an incident wherein President and Mrs. Truman were being escorted by a friend on a tour of a flower and garden exhibit in Washington. As the party stopped to admire a particularly beautiful display, Mrs. Truman exclaimed, [...]

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