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First Comes Faith

Be on your way! Your Faith has healed you
Mark 10:46-52 or (Matthew 28:16-20)

Sermon Topic Faith

Sermon Week Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 10:52


What is your reaction when someone asks you, "Have you been converted to Christ?" Unfortunately, for many of us there is a negative reaction because often those modern evangelists who ask the question do so in a judgmental way. Their arrogance turns us off. Or the question may confuse us because it comes in several different forms: "Have you been converted to Christ? ... Have you been born again? ... Have you been saved?" But whether we are turned off or whether we are confused, we still need to face the question from time-to-time because the entire Christian enterprise is all wrapped up in it. It is what the Christian Faith is all about.

How are we to receive this gift of Grace we call "Faith?" The ancient Hebrews believed that the way to receive the Grace of God was to work, to do good deeds, and to obey the Law. We say they were legalistic in their approach to God: if you will work at being a good person then God will love you and reward you with His gift of Grace-either here or hereafter.

Nobody in all of history tried harder to work at this "faith" question than St. Paul. Pharisee of pharisees was Paul. But it didn't work for him. He almost broke down, physically and emotionally. On the Road to Damascus, it was a kind of breakdown that he experienced. But it was more than that, because in the experience he had a vision of the Risen Christ, and he began to understand that he had been going about it in the wrong way. His conversion from the wrong way of approaching God to Christ's way became, of course, the ongoing main event of his life. Paul had learned that the Grace of God we call "Faith" does not result from our good works or our intellectual reasoning. Rather, it comes from a vision of the Risen Christ that is God's gift to us. God has the initiative.

"Be on your way! Your faith has healed you." Faith is the main event in your life, a [...]

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