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The Doomsday Blahs

Let the children come to Me and do not hinder them. It is to just such as these that the Kingdom of God belongs
Mark 10:2-16 or 10:2-12

Sermon Topic Doomsday

Sermon Week Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 10:14


Many persons today are forecasting the early demise of the world. Our world is dying, they say. The end of human history, as we know it, is at hand. The human race, they say, is on a collision course with disaster. Men now have in their hands the tools of total destruction. Literally, a handful of men now have it within their power to trigger a kind of war that could devastate the planet earth in minutes: great grandparents, grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters-gone. Children all gone-and their children, never to be born. No more us: no more me, no more you. Gone! That is the very pessimistic outlook on the world that many people are espousing these days.

At a recent convocation of religious educators, one woman who had been invited to speak startled her audience with these sombre words: "I don't believe my children will grow up in this world. The best thing I can do as a Christian mother is teach them how to die." In a similar context, another Christian educator asked his colleagues for their opinions on the following statement: "If a man is really a Christian, he doesn't care if the world blows up tomorrow." How do you feel about that? I can tell you that after a long, hot discussion, it was decided by those religious educators that the statement was right and wrong, both. It is felt that it is right in the sense that the Christian person does not consider himself stuck with this world (if we can put it that way). No evil that can befall the world will have the final word. God's plan for creation cannot be thwarted by anything man may do. Man may carry his rebellion against God to the ultimate point of no return, but not even the dreaded, total nuclear war will defeat God's purpose. Therefore, in this sense, it does not matter to the Christian if the world blows up tomorrow. For the Christian, there is no question of God's ultimate Will prevailing. God has won the victory over evil. The [...]

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