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No Dominion

The Son of Man is going to be delivered into the hands of men who will put Him to death; three days after His death He will rise
Mark 9:30-37

Sermon Topic Death/Resurrection

Sermon Week Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 9:31


I would like us to go back in time a couple of thousand years. Jesus has come among us. He has opened up for us a new way of life. When we are in His presence we feel as though we are in the presence of God. We have seen the power of God working through Him. We have left our families. We have left our work. We have left everything to follow Him. We are looking forward to the initiation of the Kingdom of God that He is talking about. And then, suddenly, He warns us about an impending death: His death. And we are shocked beyond words. We are plunged into the depths of despair. Everyone knows that the Messiah is to triumph and not to die a criminal's death. And then He is executed, as He said He would be. It was a very real death.

Then comes the dawn of the first Easter. First of all, we find an empty tomb which creates excitement, but also confusion. There are all sorts of thoughts going through our minds. But then, before the day is over, we begin to experience the presence of the Living Christ. Jesus, whom we had seen die and had seen placed in a tomb, is alive! It isn't a figment of our imagination. It isn't something we are thinking up. It is a real happening! It is a real event! It is just as real to us as the Crucifixion. Jesus Christ is alive. The Lord God Almighty who created the heavens and the earth, has conquered death itself through the Lord Jesus. Think about that! God's Resurrection power is greater than the power of death, the greatest enemy of the human condition. Death is overcome. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Julian, the Emperor of Rome, was a great enemy of the Christians. Once, when he was about to pronounce the death sentence on a group of them, he said derisively, "Where is your Jesus Christ now?" One of the Christians shouted back defiantly, [...]

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