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Isn't It Amazing!

Their amazement went beyond all bounds
Mark 7:31-37

Sermon Topic Amazement

Sermon Week Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 7:37


Today's Gospel lesson describes a brief episode in which Jesus was asked to lay His hands on "a deaf man who had a speech impediment." Jesus put his fingers in the man's ears and, spitting, touched the man's tongue. "Then He looked up to heaven, emitted a groan and said 'Be opened!' At once the man's ears were opened; he was freed from the impediment, and began to speak plainly" (Mk. 7:3335). The people who witnessed this miracle were filled with awe and wonder. In the Gospel writer's words, "Their amazement went beyond all bounds" (Mk. 7:37).

Your "amazement" will soar "beyond all bounds" the day you begin to understand that you are special in God's creative plan. Each of you is one of God's "originals"-wonderfully mysterious in your own uniqueness. Like the Universe itself, your life is vast and in motion. You are necessary. You belong. God's plan for the fulfillment of His creation includes you, needs you.

Do you really appreciate the wonder of who you are? Do you appreciate the wonder of your body, for instance? Amazing are your ears that know both sound and silence. Amazing is your bone structure, the clean lines of your arms and legs, the dexterity of your hands. Amazing is the flow of your blood through its vessels. Amazing is the journey of a thought through the mazes of your brain. Amazing is the way of breath that fans the fires of your life. Amazing is the way of food as it is transformed into living cells. Amazing is the way of creative life which fashions out of its own substance a new and unique temple for a living soul. Isn't it amazing!

Do you appreciate the wonder of your mind? With your mind you can create beauty, search for truth, dream noble dreams. With your mind you can explore the atom; you can recall the past; you can plan the future. With your mind you can gain dominion over the earth, achieve mastery of yourself, fly toward God. Isn't it amazing!

Do you appreciate the wonder of your own spirit? [...]

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