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A Good Word For Jesus

Jesus summoned the Twelve and began to send them out two by two
Mark 6:7-13

Sermon Topic Evangelism

Sermon Week Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 6:7


In this, our act of community worship, God has gathered us together to experience the immediacy of His presence. This means drawing closer to God, as a Church-as a People. This is our great gift from the Lord Jesus. Because we are Jesus' followers we can enter into deep communion with God in this unique, life-enriching way. But this "gathering together" is not the total experience. There is a second part to it, without which the first part loses its meaning. The same God who gathers us together to experience His presence, scatters us into the world to witness to His love. The same God who reveals Himself to us here, reveals Himself to the world through us. The same God who makes it possible for us to breathe in-to receive-the Holy Spirit, requires us to breathe the Holy Spirit out. If we only breathe in and never breathe out, in this sense, the Holy Spirit has no real meaning in our lives. Spiritually, we are dead.

"Jesus summoned the Twelve and began to send them out two by two" (Mk.6:7) The Gospel clearly tells us, over and over again, that the God who loves us so much and has given us so much through Jesus, sends us out to share this Jesus with the world. To the whole creation, to all nations, everywhere, we go out and speak the Name of Jesus. In the New Testament this is very important. For us, a name is just a tag. But in New Testament times it was regarded as a symbol of the innermost being of a person. The New Testament Christians whom Jesus sent out "two by two" understood that they were to do more than offer encouragement to people. It was of the utmost importance to their mission that they, literally, name the Name of Jesus. And that is where we back off, many of us.

The quality of the spirit in which we go out into the world is the secret of making it possible for us to name the Name of Jesus before others. (The spirit of [...]

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