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Both His Hands

As you have sent Me into the world/so I have sent them into the world
John 17:11-19

Sermon Topic Christian Ministry

Sermon Week Seventh Sunday of Easter Cycle B

Scripture Summary John 17:18


If you belong to Jesus Christ in any way at all, you become His minister. It is not a matter of clergy and laity. It is a matter of all of us being in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Think about Jesus Himself for a moment! He said that He had come "not to be served but to serve" (Mk.l0:45). And we understand Him as "The Man For Others" in this sense. What we don't seem to understand is that when People came to Him to be His disciples, Jesus immediately began to shape them to be His ministers. They would come to follow Him for any number of reasons. He would feed them. He would heal them, spiritually and physically. But almost immediately, He would send them out: two-by-two; first the twelve; then the seventy; then others. Anyone who came to be a part of what He was doing had to understand that he or she had to be a full time minister.

What happens so often in our time is that we come to Jesus Christ to get what we can out of Him. We come to Church to have our needs met. But we discover very early that He will not accept us on these terms. Or we discover, at least, that there is much more involved than simply coming to Church to be passive "receivers" of the gifts that are being dispensed. If we are at all conscious of what is going on in the worship experience, we discover that there is a "turn-toward" ministry that begins in us. You are to minister to one another in the congregation. You are to minister to the world. Whatever your secular vocation may be, whatever neighborhood you may live in, whatever your family situation is, while you are there you are a full time minister of Jesus Christ. You and I-all of us-are involved in the corporate ministry of the Church.

In the classic novel, "Moby Dick," one scene takes place in a seaside chapel. The minister is preaching to the crew members before they embark on their [...]

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