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The Last Enemy

Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up
John 2:13-25

Sermon Topic Relinquishment

Sermon Week Third Sunday of Lent Cycle B

Scripture Summary John 2:19


An eight-year-old boy wrote an essay in school entitled, "What a Mom means to a kid":

A mother is a person who takes care of her kids and gets their meals, and if she's not there when you get home from school, you wouldn't know how to get your dinner and you wouldn't feel like eating anyhow.

Nine years later, the author's mom walked into her son's empty room with that essay, which she had saved, clutched tightly in her hand-and she cried. She cried because her only son had gone away to college. It was an important time in the boy's life. But he and his mother had been very close, and she was feeling the pain of separation very deeply. The mother had visited the college campus earlier and had seen the new world that would be her son's, but not hers. It was a "kind of dying," she said later. But, after those first tears had been shed, she discovered that she was able to reach down to the roots of her Christian faith to make a most wonderful discovery. "The most wonderful thing happened," she said. "I discovered that because I was able to relinquish him and let go, he was able to love me in a new way, and our relationship now is better than it has ever been. In time, I discovered too that there are many life-enriching things to be done that I was not free to do before. It was a new life for me also. The experience not only was a kind of dying, it was a kind of resurrection."

That is a very simple incident, but if only we could see that mother's experience in the light of what Jesus is telling us, our lives would be transformed.

In the early chapters of John's Gospel, the Good News of God's love is proclaimed as "Resurrection Power." A series of Resurrection signs is given: mighty works of Jesus. The first of the great signs comes in the story of the wedding feast at Cana in Galilee. Through this episode, Jesus is [...]

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