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By Faith And Not By Sight

Go your way; your faith has made you well
Mark 10:46-52 or (Matthew 28:16-20)

Sermon Topic Faith

Sermon Week Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 10:52


Once upon a time, there was a beggar. Early each morning, with his tin cup in hand, he would walk from the outskirts of town and cross over a bridge which led to the downtown section of the city. There he would stand on a certain busy corner, shake his tin cup as people walked by, and call out a blessing to those who dropped in a coin or two...

For years the beggar carried out this routine, day-after-day following the same route to the city, crossing the same bridge and standing on the same corner. And, most mornings, as he crossed the bridge, he would pass two philosophy students walking the other way toward the University.

After a while, the students began to take an interest in the beggar's situation. "If he were placed in different circumstances," said one, "he might not be out begging everyday." The other student didn't entirely agree, and the discussion continued for a while until, finally, they decided to put some of their ideas to a test. With help from University researchers, they were able to fill a small purse with gold coins valued at more than the beggar could collect in years. A note explaining that the coins belonged to the University and were part of a test, was placed out of sight underneath the coins. Then, early in the morning, the students placed the open purse on the bridge, concealed themselves, and waited for the beggar to pass by. Would he pick up the purse full of coins and turn back? Or would he pocket the purse, go to his usual corner and start begging as usual?

The beggar walked onto the bridge exactly on schedule. But, even though he was walking with his head down, he went right past the purse without missing a step. And soon he was on his usual corner with his tin cup.

The students were flabbergasted. They recovered the purse and began to debate the question of why the beggar ignored all those coins in that open purse. Finally, they decided to ask the beggar to [...]

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