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Parents' Promise

And the Child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom
Luke 2:22-40 or 2:22, 39-40

Sermon Topic Families

Sermon Week The Holy Family Cycle B

Scripture Summary Luke 2:40


You may recall the highly publicized experiment conducted by a young primary-grade teacher. With the approval of her pupils' parents, she told her class that "recent scientific reports had verified that children with blue eyes have greater natural learning abilities than children with brown eyes." She had them make up little signs designating themselves as "blue eyes" or "brown eyes," which they then hung around their necks. After a week or so, the achievement level of the brown-eyed group fell measurably, while the performance of the blue-eyed section improved significantly. She then made a startling announcement to the class. She had made a mistake! It was the blue-eyed people who were the weaker students and the brown-eyed ones who were stronger students. Up went the image and achievement of the brown-eyed group. Down came the performance of the blue-eyed children. Then the teacher presented the results of the experiment to the mothers and fathers as an object lesson in parenting: Just as a child's self image will affect his or her performance in school, it will also affect his or her behavior and performance at home and, eventually, in the world.

That same teacher also presented to the parents a little prayer she silently prayed at the beginning of each school day:

Lord, give me the wisdom to discover in each child the spark of Divinity which You have given to him or her.

Lord, give me the wisdom to help nurture this spark into a glowing flame.

Lord, give me the wisdom not to favor one child at the expense of others, and to recognize that they all are equally deserving of my devotion and attention -- without regard to their intelligence, their religion, their race, or their wealth.

Lord, help! They're coming into the room right now -- all thirty-two of them. Any small miracle will be greatly appreciated! Amen.

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