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Glory, Glory Honolulu

The very stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner
Matthew 21:33-43

Sermon Topic Glory

Sermon Week Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 21:42


When Edmund Hillary stood on top of Mount Everest, he stood higher than any person in the world. Even so, he was still hundreds of thousands of miles away from the nearest star.

But no matter how far up we may climb or how high we may fly, in this life we will always be light years away from unraveling the Mystery of God's plans and purposes for bringing us into being. Even so, it pleases God to give us a glimpses. And He reveals these glimpses of His Grand Design in many ways. He drops His little hints for all to see in nature. He speaks to us one-on-one at that deep level of our being where we can feel His Presence. He communicates with us through the Community of Believers who gather together as we do now to acknowledge the Presence of the Savior in our midst. And, of course, He spells it all out, within the limits of our human capability to understand, in the Bible.

In the Bible we have the record of God's dealings with His People. We call it "Salvation History" -- a term that has been coined in our feeble, human efforts to describe God's involvement with mankind. The word "history," as we use it in this context, is not to be taken in the normal sense of that word. "Salvation History" is not an abstract term. Rather it describes the concrete reality of God's continuing influence in the human condition. Salvation History is a history of past events insofar as they possess significance for the present. We look at Salvation History in the light of God's Saving Presence in our world today and in our individual lives today.

The Parable in today's Gospel Lesson is a lesson in Salvation History -- an allegory or commentary on the dealings of God and His People. Jesus relates this story to the chief priests and elders of the Temple: Israel's religious leaders. In the story, a man "planted a vineyard and set a hedge around it, and built a tower." The owner of the vineyard [...]

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