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Are We Tootling Our Horns?

Go and work in the vineyard today
Matthew 21:28-32

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Sermon Week Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 20:28


Hilda, a woman who had lived all of her life in the hill country, made her first trip to a big city at age seventy. When she arrived and got her first look at the skyscrapers, she couldn't believe her eyes. It was like a dream -- a wondrous, magical fairyland. Her friend Anna met her in the lobby of a big hotel and, after Hilda had been registered, the two women stood in front of an elevator with shiny, brass sliding doors. Hilda watched in amazement as the magic doors parted, revealing a compartment lined with mirrors. She trembled as she watched a tired old man who must have been in his eighties slowly shuffle into the compartment. She wondered what was happening to him as she watched the lights over the door blinking on and off: one ... two... three ... four ... five. Then the blinking stopped. But soon it began again: five ... four ... three ... two ... one. And once again those magical doors opened and out came a young man with a spring in his step and the look of a matinee idol. Hilda seemed both awestruck and delighted at what she had just seen. Then she clapped her hands with glee and whispered to Anna, "I'm gonna bring my husband here and put him in that magic box."

In today's Gospel Lesson, Jesus uses a short parable to impress some of the religious leaders and teachers of His time that in order to do the Father's Will they need to change -- not by magical means but by dint of hard work in the Father's vineyard.

The parable is a simple story about two sons who have promised to work in their father's vineyard. Neither keeps his promise at first, but eventually one of them changes his attitude and goes into the field. The other does not change. He breaks his promise and does not go into the field. "What do you think?" Jesus asks. "Which of the two did the will of the father?" (Mt. 21:28,31). The answer of course, is [...]

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