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Don't Slice It Thin

He saw a great throng; and He had compassion on them
Matthew 14:13-21

Sermon Topic Bread of Life

Sermon Week Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 14:14


After telling her class of six-year-olds the story of Jesus miraculously feeding thousands of people, the teacher asked the children to draw a picture of the event. One little girl turned in a picture of twelve figures carrying baskets filled with bread and fish. All were wearing hair ribbons. "They're the waitresses," the child explained.

Another little girl pictured Jesus with a bread knife in his hand, cutting up the loaves. But she gave it up before it was finished. "I can't make the slices thin enough," she said.

In a little boy's picture, a big box-like object with a door handle stood off to the side of the crowd. "What is that?" the teacher asked. "It's the freezer," said the little boy, "for the leftovers."

In today's Lesson, Jesus, saddened by the news of John the Baptist's execution, goes "in a boat to a lonely place apart. But when the crowds hear about it, they follow Him on foot from the towns" (MT. 14:13). They feel drawn to Jesus. And when they see their Prophet drawing away in the boat, they surge toward the spot where He will land. When Jesus arrives at the shore, there they are, waiting for Him. And "Jesus saw a great throng," Matthew tells us, "and He had compassion on them, and He healed their sick" (Mt. 14:14).

The time passes. The crowds are still there with Jesus. They have no desire to leave Him, even though it is getting late and it is past mealtime. Why worry? Surely Jesus will provide for them! The Apostles tell Jesus to dismiss the people so that they can find food for themselves somewhere. But Jesus has a better idea. "They need not go away," He says, "you give them something to eat" (Mt. 14:16). The Apostles then produce the only food available: two loaves of bread and five fish. And there is a crowd of five thousand men plus women and children to feed. Jesus then performs the miracle: He looks up to Heaven, blesses the food, and gives it to the disciples, and the disciples [...]

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