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What You Have To Do

And Jesus cried again with a loud voice and yielded up His spirit
Matthew 26:14-26:66 or 27:11-54

Sermon Topic Saints

Sermon Week Passion Sunday Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 27:50


She was a nobody. You would not recognize her name. You have never met her before. She lived in a faraway place in Africa. She died today -- distantly, isolatedly, silently. No bold-faced headlines, though her parents loved her; no special news bulletin, though she was special to her brothers and sisters who died before her; no live action films at 11:00 PM, though her village mourns her absence.

She was a nobody! She died of starvation and disease. We did not hear a whimper, for she died way off ... over there. A nobody died today ... quietly. A nobody died today with no fanfare, no worldwide attention, and no big fuss.

And yet ... the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ is telling us that that little four-year-old nobody was a somebody -- a human being, a child of God.

We are human beings. Each one of us is a unique human being. We are not "things." Mankind is not made up of things:

A giant redwood tree is a mass of raw beauty. For thousands of years it has weathered the elements, but it is mute and unthinking. It cannot exalt itself. It's only a tree.

Ocean depths sweep up against a rugged shoreline. Few things are as awe-inspiring as the churning waters of the sea. But the sea cannot paint a self-portrait. It cannot talk about itself. It's only an ocean.

The wonders of nature take on meaning only as they are experienced by people -- like us. Until they are filtered through our senses they have no significance.

We say, on occasion, "I'm only human." But to be only human is to acknowledge our place at the highest level of God's creation.

Even when reduced to his or her most primitive form, a human person is still a unique masterwork of God's creation. For example, there is the actual case of a man who lived in Jacksonville, Florida. He ran all the time. He wore baggy clothes that flapped in the wind as he jogged along. He carried a length of pipe in one hand [...]

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