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If Not You, Then Who?

Begone, Satan!
Matthew 4:1-11

Sermon Topic Sainthood

Sermon Week First Sunday of Lent Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 4:10


Professor Abraham Maslow, one of the most widely-read social scientists of our time, often challenged his students with questions like ...

Which of you is going to be a great writer? Which of you is going to be a great saint like Francis of Assisi? Which of you is going to be a great humanitarian like Albert Schweitzer?

Presented with such big ideas, the students would squirm and giggle. But the famous psychologist would tell them that these were not idle questions; that he really meant what he said. "If not you," he asked, "then who?"

When we come together to hear the Word of God proclaimed, in one way or another we are confronted by the same kinds of questions, as we hear the New Testament writers telling us, over-and-over again:

... that blind chance did not put us here;

... that a loving God put us here as part of His plan for the fulfillment of all creation;

... that each of us is unique and, therefore, each of us is entrusted with a life to live and a job to do that has been given to no one else;

... that whoever we are, each of us has a lifetime opportunity to help shape the world we live in;

... that each of us has a lifetime opportunity to enrich the lives of other persons who, like ourselves, are unique masterpieces of God's creation;

... that, in loving response to the loving God who gives us life, each of us has a lifetime opportunity to "overcome evil with good" (Rom. 12:21).

Jesus sums it all up in today's Gospel Lesson. The devil is tempting Him mightily to abandon the lifetime opportunity God has given Him to "overcome evil with good." Jesus is being urged by the devil to forsake His unique, sacrificial task as the Messiah of God. Jesus is being confronted with the devil's challenge to be other than the kind of person God wants Him to be. But, after the devil has laid the whole world at His feet, Jesus says, simply and beautifully, "Begone [...]

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