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The Foolishness Of God

Give to him who begs from you ... love your enemies ... so that you may be sons of your Father who is in Heaven
Matthew 5:38-48

Sermon Topic Sermon on the Mount

Sermon Week Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 5:42,44,45


There is a Peanuts cartoon in which little Lucy is telling her brother Linus to get with it, get on the ball, get involved. As Linus stands sucking his thumb and hanging on for dear life to his security blanket, Lucy says ...

You can't drift along forever. You have to direct your thinking. For instance, you have to decide whether you're going to be a liberal or a conservative. You have to take some sort of stand. You have to associate yourself with some sort of Cause.

Whereupon, Linus pulls his thumb out of his mouth, puts down his security blanket, and asks Lucy, "Are there any openings in the lunatic fringe?"

We know, of course, that there are many episodes in the Gospels in which jesus is looked upon as a member of the "lunatic fringe" -- not only by His enemies but also by His friends. And whether we realize it or not, it is just as true that some of Jesus' friends still look upon Him as a member of the "lunatic fringe -- especially on Sundays when they come to Church and listen to what Jesus is saying in the Gospels about God's Grace. God's Grace is a shocker!

Let's be honest about this. We are Jesus' friends. But then we listen to His "Parable of the Prodigal Son" in which He tells the story of a man with two sons. The younger of the two takes off with what was to be his share of the family inheritance and squanders it on loose-living. Eventually, he gets to the point where he is literally living like a pig in a pigpen. The older brother stays with the father and is loyal to him. Then, the wayward, sleazy brother decides to go home, and the father not only takes him back unconditionally but also throws a big party in his honor. Now, let's be honest! Aren't we inclined to agree with the older brother when he grumbles about the red carpet treatment the father gives the younger brother?

We are Jesus' friends! But then we listen [...]

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