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Face To Face

You must love the Lord your God
Matthew 22:34-40

Sermon Topic Love

Sermon Week Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 22:37


At the "Special Olympics" held in Seattle a few years ago, nine contestants (all disabled in some way) lined up for the start of the hundred-yard-dash. When the starter's gun was fired, all got off well, except one boy who tripped over his own feet, tumbled to the ground, scraped his arm and began to cry. Hearing this, the other eight all stopped, turned around and went back to where the fallen boy lay. One girl, afflicted with "Down's Syndrome," bent down and kissed his injured arm. "This will make it better," she said. Then all nine held hands and walked together to the finish line.

A somewhat similar event took place in the "Madrid Marathon" several years ago. Four thousand runners answered the starter's gun. Toward the end of the grueling race, two men, both age thirty-six, were far ahead of the pack. Near the finish line, one of them was suddenly taken with severe leg cramps and was unable to continue on his own. Whereupon, the other leader stopped, picked up the afflicted competitor and carried him across the finish line.

I said to Love, "Thy law is much too hard. I cannot follow Thee." Love stretched forth mighty arms. and said, "Come child, I'll carry thee!"

Today's Gospel Lesson contains a phrase we never should go beyond until we're sure we understand its implications. The phrase reads, "You must love the Lord your God." Let's stop right here and drink it in. What are the implications of this commandment? How do we manifest our love for God? We communicate this to Him in the experience of prayer, of course. We position ourselves in God's Presence and we give thanks that He is a loving God. We thank Him for the gift of life, for the things of life He has given us to possess and enjoy. We thank Him for telling us through Jesus that we are not abandoned on planet earth, and that He is even now Gracing the world and its people -- moving us toward the blessed state of fulfillment we need and want. [...]

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