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Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries

Which of the two did the Father's Will?
Matthew 21:28-32

Sermon Topic Good Intentions

Sermon Week Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 21:31


A young man went through college dreaming of the day he would be offered an executive position in his father's huge industrial plant. On graduation day, the father took him aside and said, "Son, now you're ready to come into the family business." Immediately, the young man had visions of a big, plush office, a large staff of assistants, and a hefty executive salary. "I'll start work tomorrow, dad," he said enthusiastically. Whereupon, the father said, "Of course, in order to Learn the business, you'll have to start at the bottom. To begin with, your job will be to water the hundreds of plants located in our buildings." The son protested. "I've changed my mind. I'm not coming to work tomorrow." Later, he thought better of his negative reply and decided to please his father. And so he went to work at the job he had been offered. The father hoped for the best, but was concerned that despite his son's good intentions, he wouldn't stay on the job for long. But he stopped worrying when the young man showed him his new business card, which read, "PLANT MANAGER."

In today's Gospel Lesson we have the simple little story of how two young men responded to their father's request that they go to work in the family business. One son expressed his good intentions, saying, "I am on my way sir." But he never did go to work. The other responded negatively, saying, "No, I will not." But later he decided to please his father and he did go to work for him. "Which of the two did the Father's Will?" Jesus asks the chief priests and the elders of the Temple. They answer correctly, of course," The second."

Jesus doesn't put on this little quiz to see how smart His listeners are. He is making a crucial point with them about their relationship with God. It is not what you say, not what you promise, not what you teach that matters most. Far better to move from bad intentions to positive action than to remain locked into your good [...]

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