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Finding God

... where two or three meet in My Name, I shall be there with them
Matthew 18:15-20

Sermon Topic Christ Spirit

Sermon Week Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 18:20


In the Book of Ephesians it is said of God: How infinitely great is the power He has exercised ... when He used it to raise Christ up from the dead and to make Him sit at His right hand in Heaven (Eph. 1:19-20).

In the book entitled, "The Girls With the Grandmother Faces," the author1 fondly recalls a conversation she had with her six-year-old grandson: "Grandma, did you know God made the world in six days with His left hand?"

"Honey, the Bible does say God created the world in six days, but what do you mean with His left hand?"

"Well, the way I figure it, God had to create the world with His left hand because Jesus was sitting on His right hand."

In childlike fashion, we should be able to image the Lord Jesus sitting on our right hands. "Know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time," Jesus said to His disciples after His Resurrection (Mt. 28:20). Earlier, He had said to them, as it is written in today's Gospel Lesson, "Where two or three meet in My Name, I shall be there with them" (Mt. 18:20).

Left hand, right hand, over here, over there, sitting, standing, hanging, soaring -- the manner in which we may find ourselves visualizing the fulfillment of Jesus' promise, this we know: He is with us now!

A New York City Media Executive was asked this question: "What do you mean when you say God?" He replied, Trying to find God is like looking for an unlisted phone number -- only much worse. People who aren't insiders don't have His number. They feel He is inaccessible. At least with the telephone company, you can call and rant and rave and invent a family emergency and they might give you the number. But no one can tell you how to find God.2

Wrong! From cover-to-cover, the Biblical authors tell us how to find God, and in many different ways. Moreover, out of our own experience, we can tell each other how we have found God. As writer [...]

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