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For I was hungry and you gave Me food ... ill and you comforted Me
Matthew 25:31-46

Sermon Topic Last Judgment

Sermon Week Christ The King (Thirty-Fourth Sunday) Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 25:35,36


It was reported in "Sports Illustrated" magazine that athletes who intended to participate in the National AAU track and field championships were required to fill out a questionnaire. Among the questions were, "What is your hobby?" and "What is your ambition?" One Olympic distance-runner answered, "My hobby is taking apart my Volkswagen ... My ambition is to be able to put it back together."

Achieving self-esteem, self-respect, peace of mind, a sense of worthwhileness and purposefulness, an "I'm O.K. feeling," these are the ambitions of us all. Sure, we want to "get it all together," but oh how complicated the process seems to have become in our time. In recent years there has been a publications-explosion of popular books on how to take ourselves apart and put ourselves back together. Professional and amateur psychologists, and others, have made a hobby of inventing new psychological gimmicks for helping people to "get it all together," to use the modern cliche. The "popular-psychology" shelves in any modern bookstore are burgeoning with how-to-do-it books on "getting it all together." I am not making a blanket condemnation of such books. Clearly, some of them have been very helpful to some people. But so many books of this kind are being published, each with its own so-called "fresh" approach to the subject of who-we-are-and-what-we-ought-to-do, that they tend to be sources of confusion rather than clarification. Ironically, when you sort out all this material and sift it all down, most of it seems to end up emphasizing that in order to achieve wholeness of life, we need to care for one another; we need to understand that one cannot "get it all together" in isolation. Which brings us to today's Gospel Lesson in which Jesus is saying exactly that.

"Come," Jesus says. "You have My Father's blessing! Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world" (Mt.25:34). Jesus is saying, in effect, "You have achieved wholeness of life; you have become the kind of unique, beautiful person the Father will receive in His kingdom; you have discovered the simple secret of how to 'get [...]

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