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Anything for Us!

Jesus gave out a loud cry and breathed His last

Isaiah 50:4-7-; Psalm 22:8-9,17-18,19-20,23-24; Philippians 2:6-11; Mark 14:1-15:47

Sermon Week Passion Sunday Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 15:37

The world-famous author/psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Tournier, once called loneliness "the most devastating malady of the age." Another eminent physician has said of loneliness, "There is no human condition so acute-or so universal." Loneliness "doesn't happen just on dark days," novelist Faith Baldwin has written, "it can pierce you like a knife on a spring morning or a golden summer afternoon, no matter where you are or what you are doing." And I don’t have to tell you that during the global pandemic, the piercing pain of loneliness has reached epic proportions.

It was Good Friday. Through a series of chance circumstances, a well-known actress found herself sitting in a crowded church, listening to a reading of the "Passion of the Lord." For months the woman had been suffering from what she described as a "terrible cavity somewhere in the abdominal region." She had been examined by several doctors who found no physical cause for her pain. She had undergone exploratory surgery at her own insistence. Again, she was found to be well physically. Now, in church, as the Passion Story moved toward its climax, she felt the cavity cut deeper into her being than ever before: an overwhelming feeling of emptiness. Then came Jesus' words, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?" The woman said, "I shall never forget that blessed moment when, in my emptiness, I felt at one with Jesus. I realized that His anguished cry to the Heavens was coming from the very depths of his soul. I realized that this Jesus, whose friends had betrayed and denied Him and whose own People had delivered Him to the executioners, was experiencing unbearable loneliness. I began to imagine His thoughts: 'Was it all for nothing -- My coming into this world, My preaching and teaching, My miracle-working, My Life? Was My life, and now My death, all for nothing? Father, did You forget Your promise of eternal fulfillment in Your life of Love? Is this Your idea of Love? My God, why? Why have you let Me down? Why have you abandoned Me? My God, My God, [...]

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