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What Are We Waiting For?

He was transfigured before their eyes
Genesis 22:1-2,9,10-13,15-18; Psalm 116:10,15-19; Romans 8:31-34; Mark 9:2-10

Sermon Week Second Sunday of Lent Cycle B

Scripture Summary Mark 9:2

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time we spend waiting? In our daily lives, we wait at the bus stop or wait at the traffic light. We wait in line at the supermarket. We wait in line at the bank. We rush to the airport to get there on time, and then we wait. We have waiting lines and waiting lists, and waiting rooms. We wait to get out of school. We wait for our first job and then wait for the promotion. We wait for our children to be born; we wait for them to grow up and leave home so we can have freedom again. And then we wait for them to come back on the holidays. We wait to get married and, in at least half of the marriages of our time, we wait for the divorce to become final. We wait for retirement. And we wait to die.

On another level, we wait for leaders who will help us resolve our economic and social problems. We wait for leaders who will show us the way to peace on earth—waiting, waiting, waiting!

Many of us can identify with "Joe," a principal character in William Saroyan's play, "The Time of Your Life." At one point in the drama, Joe says, "Every day has twenty-four hours. Out of the twenty-four hours, at least twenty-three and a half are dull, dead, boring, empty, murderous: minutes on the clock, not living. And the more you wait, the less there is to wait for."

The season of Lent is a time of creative waiting. It is a time of prayer and fasting and self-examination, as we go deep within ourselves to come to terms with whatever it is in our life that is blocking out God's Rule. It is a time to acknowledge, from the depths of our being, the need for change in our lives. This is truly a creative effort because now we are cooperating with God in the re-making of our life. More and more, we begin to put a higher value on our worthwhileness and [...]

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