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One by One

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed ... it is the smallest of all the seeds
Wisdom 12:13,16-19; Psalm 86:5-6,9-10,15-16; Romans 8:26-27; Matthew 13:24-43

Sermon Week Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 13:31,32

Theologian G.K. Chesterton asks us to consider how God might have created daisies. Did He create them all at once with one swoop of His mighty hand? Or did He create them one-by-one, expressing childlike delight in each new flower? "In the beginning," Chesterton suggests, "God may have created one daisy, and something within Him spontaneously whispered, 'Do it again!'" ...

And daisy number two came into being. And once again God said, "Do it again!" And there was a third, and then a fourth, and then a fifth daisy. And so, He went on creating daisies. Until after a hundred billion trillion daisies, the great Almighty Creator who spun the galaxies into space and created all the animals, that same God is still creating daisies, and with childlike glee, still saying, "Do it again!"

Mother Teresa was once asked, how she was able to accomplish so much good work for the poor. “One by One,” she replied. Have you ever noticed how from seemingly insignificant beginnings movements can grow into a point of awe and wonder? That one by one, small steps can amount to spectacular outcomes? Jesus' proclamation of the Word was less than spectacular. In today's Lesson, He speaks for a few hours at most before a few hundred people. In His entire ministry He may have been heard by several thousands of people at most. His words and deeds were reported in a small Book. In fact, when you remove the duplication of His discourses, there are fewer than 32,000 words of Jesus quoted in the Gospels. But what is all of that when compared to the billions of people who have lived and will live on this earth? It seems like a terribly insignificant beginning, doesn't it? Obviously, there is a huge disproportion between surface appearances and the true significance of an event or a person.

The Kingdom of Heaven, inaugurated by Jesus' proclamation of God's Word, develops and grows from its modest beginnings. And although it remains invisible until the work of transforming the world has been completed, nevertheless, in God's good time, it gathers up [...]

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