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When Nobody's Cheering

What you hear in whispers, proclaim from the housetop
Jeremiah 20:10-13; Psalm 69:8-10,14,17,33-35; Romans 5:12-15; Matthew 10:24-39

Sermon Week Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

Scripture Summary Matthew 10:27

Recently, a behavioral health counselor posted an urgent public service announcement on his Facebook page. You see, this man knows a thing or two about the challenges of addiction, mental illness, and the effects of which extend to entire families. This includes the incredibly hurtful things people sometimes do to those closest to them. He knows, better than most, that during stressful times feelings of anger, depression, and resentment can often grow worse. And he has learned firsthand that the Coronavirus crisis is no exception, with sharp increases in the incidence of domestic violence. And so, as a public service to his Facebook friends, and friends of those friends, he created a clever coding system so victims could freely communicate without being discovered by their abusers. (I've changed elements of the post, to protect his identity). He wrote, if you are in lockdown with an abusive partner, send an email to me stating you want to purchase my latest CD, and I'll be sure to keep an eye on you. If you feel you are in imminent danger, say you need three copies, and I will notify the police. And if minors are involved, request a copy of my children's CD. Judging by the responses, this kind and caring counselor isn't just offering a safety net to those who need it most urgently -- but an encouraging word of hope for everyone in this very challenging time.

Centuries ago, an ancient "father of the Church" named Cyprian posted a letter to a friend. In it he said,

"This seems a cheerful world when I view it from the fair garden, here in the shadow of these vines. But if I climb some great mountain and look out over the wide land, you know exactly what I see: murderers on the high roads; pirates on the seas; under every roof, misery, and selfishness. It's really a bad world, my friend. It is a very bad world."

Often in mysterious ways, God is forever establishing His rule in this "world of misery and selfishness," as Cyprian described it.

At the very points at which [...]

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