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Christmas Comes, Once Again

The Word was made flesh, He lived among us
Isaiah 52:7-10; Psalm 98:1-6; Hebrews 1:1-6; John 1:1-18

Sermon Week Christmas Day Cycle A

Scripture Summary John 1:14

A woman whose husband died six months before Christmas, sat down to write out a Christmas card to a close friend. This is what she said: “Some say to me, ‘Life during this first Christmas without your husband will be hard for you.’ It will be, of course. But without Christmas, it would be impossible.” At the time of her husband’s death, that woman thought that God had turned out the light. But then came the Christmas Message to remind her that God had reached out and turned on the light for all time and for all people.

At Christmas, people send messages and warm greetings to family members and friends. At Christmas, there is an unusual display of caring and affection by many people. At Christmas, the suffering of the sick and the condition of the lonely seem less acceptable than on other days. At Christmas, it seems that almost everyone wants to contribute to the success of the festive holiday. At Christmas, more than on any other day it seems, people need the kind of festive spirit that brings peace and light into their lives. Indeed, at Christmas, more than at any other time of year, something comes to life deep within us and gives us light -- not in the form of easy answers to our anxious questions about evil and suffering and death, but in the form of an Infant, born in a stable, in a town called Bethlehem, two thousand years ago.

Do you remember the story of Nicodemus in John's Gospel? Nicodemus, the scholar, a man of eminence and authority among the Jews, came to see Jesus by night. Why he chose the night we don't know. Perhaps he wanted a long and revealing conversation, away from the crowds that were following Jesus. Perhaps he feared that if he went by day, he might be seen by those fellow Pharisees who already regarded Jesus as their enemy. But, whatever the reason, Nicodemus hardly could have imagined that because of his visit to Jesus, he himself would be immortalized; that the words spoken on that memorable night [...]

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