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The Whole Truth

When the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you to into all Truth
Proverbs 8:22-31; Psalms 8:4-9; Romans 5:1-5; John 16:12-15

Sermon Week The Holy Trinity Cycle C

Scripture Summary John 16:13

There once was a tribal elder in a remote corner of the earth who was sitting on a rock by a stream, eating an artichoke. Suddenly, as if a flash of lightning burst forth in his brain, he saw the truth, the wonder, and the glory of creation. He realized that he was born of God; he saw the marvelous perfection of the great plan of the universe, and he was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace and wholeness right down to his very core. He returned to the village to tell of his wondrous insight, and before long, crowds of fellow tribesmen began to gather around him. They realized that he knew something great that they, too, yearned to know. Someone asked him, "How did you find this wonderful knowledge that makes your face so bright and your heart so full?"

"I'm not exactly sure," he admitted. "All I know is that while sitting on a rock by the stream, eating an artichoke, suddenly the Truth was revealed to me!"

The next morning, the man awoke to find the village empty. Puzzled, he began to search for his brothers and sisters, but they were nowhere to be found. After hours of searching, he decided to rest for a while down by the stream. And there, to his amazement, he found the whole tribe, huddled together on that rock -- all eating artichokes!

The tribe, of course, was confusing the form of an experience for its essence. Since one member of the tribe had a profound religious experience while eating an artichoke, why not all of us? All we need to do to gain this same enlightenment is eat artichokes. Or so they thought. But artichoke-eating can no more guarantee an enlightening experience of God's Presence than can our weekly ritual of Church-going.

A person who learned this lesson tells us how it came about:

For a long time, I had a long list of rituals that I believed I had to do before I could contact God. I thought I had to get up at a certain time in [...]

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