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I Want To Hold Your Hand

He will give you another Advocate to be with you forever
John 14:15-21

Sermon Topic Holy Spirit

Sermon Week Sixth Sunday of Easter Cycle A

Scripture Summary John 14:16


How does the Holy Spirit help us in times of need? The Advocate works like this ...

A young Armenian girl named Elizabeth Caraman saw Turkish troops arrest her father for no apparent reason. While her father languished in jail, Elizabeth and her mother lived in terror of what would happen to him. The next time Elizabeth saw her father, the Turks were taking him away to be executed. Elizabeth's father resisted, so his captors wrapped him up in an old piece of carpet, threw him on the back of a donkey, and took him away. That was the last time Elizabeth saw her father alive.

You can imagine the anguish that Elizabeth felt over losing her father in such a brutal and senseless fashion. But she and her mother were Christians, and the Spirit helped them to endure that tragedy without becoming bitter or cynical. In fact, Elizabeth grew up to become a nurse. She took a job at a mission hospital where it was her task to cut away old bandages, cleanse wounds, and apply fresh bandages. This was sometimes a painful procedure, so Elizabeth got into the habit of rambling on while she worked in order to distract her patient from the pain.

One day, while nursing a Turkish man she had never seen before, Elizabeth began talking about how her father had died. The man listened intently. Finally, in a low voice he said, "I am the man who killed your father. I rolled him off the donkey, still wrapped in the carpet, and ran him through with my bayonet. I still see it in my mind. And it still sickens me."

Elizabeth said nothing, but went on bandaging his wound. How strong must have been the temptation to hate that man, to lash out, to hurt him, or even to kill him. Some people would say that what happened next was not humanly possible. But then, Elizabeth had an Advocate who is more than human. When Elizabeth finally spoke, she said, "Jesus told us to forgive our enemies. So, I forgive you."

Day after day, [...]

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