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Miracle Of Miracles!

This was the first of the signs given by Jesus: it was given at Cana in Galilee
Isaiah 62:1-5; Psalm 96:1-3,7-10; I Corinthians 12:4-11; John 2:1-11

Sermon Week Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Scripture Summary John 2:11

Rumor had it that a great prophet had risen up among a people who lived in a place far removed from the civilized world. An American TV News team was sent out to do a story on this person. When they reached their destination, they were greeted by a disciple of the great prophet. “Tell the rest of the world,” said one of the TV reporters, “what miracle has your Master worked lately?” To which the disciple replied, “Well, there are miracles, and then there are miracles. In your land, it is regarded as a miracle if God does someone’s will. In our land, it is regarded as a miracle if someone does the Will of God.” -1

Indeed, there are miracles, and then there are miracles, as we learn in today's Gospel Lesson. Throughout the Gospels, the writers tell us convincingly and without equivocation that Jesus worked many miracles of healing and transformation. He raised Lazarus from the dead. He brought the "ruler's daughter" back to life. He cured demoniacs and lepers. He gave sight to the blind. He healed the deaf and made the disabled walk. He transformed five loaves of bread and two fish into a satisfying meal for more than five thousand people. He constantly amazed the crowds who followed Him with His wondrous works. "... their admiration was unbounded," Mark tells us (Mk. 7:37). As we read the accounts of Jesus' miracles, we confess our own admiration. We too are amazed beyond measure at how the power of Almighty God was revealed in this way through the Lord Jesus.

Today's Gospel Lesson recounts Jesus' first miracle of transforming water into wine at the wedding feast in Cana. The New Testament writers recorded Jesus' awesome miracles as signs that to believe in Him is to live in hope and expectation.

Parents or anyone who has had the experience of planning a wedding reception can identify with the fix the hosts at the Cana feast were in. The celebration (which in Jesus' time would continue for days) was proceeding according to plan when it was discovered that the [...]

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